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featured artist
Andrew Anderson

"Creating work that transcends time and culture, paintings that speak
on fundamental terms and ultimately to everyone.  Utilizing a reductive
aesthetic with overlapping fields of color, the work functions on a base or
primal level.  The colors are at play often jostling for your attention."
Beneath - 24"x24"
Struck by the emotional quality and efficiency of minimalist, abstracted
art, he turned away from his prior emphasis on photorealism and began
to explore minimalism instead. This new focus demanded that he learn
to master oil paints as well. He enrolled at the University of Texas, where
he earned his BFA with an emphasis in painting. He has remained in Austin
since graduating.
Andrew has been receiving accolades for his artistic work since he was
a teenager, and critical reception continues to follow him throughout
his adulthood. His paintings utilize color as a visual language, breaking
away from the bombardment of the media and the excessive noise
of traditional art.
Calor Obscuro - 48"x60"
Andrew Anderson's multicultural heritage and creative upbringing has
shaped his artistic development. Born to an American father and
Panamanian mother in Mexico City, he spent his adolescent years in
Houston, painting with watercolor and acrylics from an early age. He had
an artistic breakthrough at age 16 when he visited the Rothko Chapel for
the first time.
Untitled - 15"x72"
Mala Gente - 36"x48"
La Entrada - 40"x70"
Instead, he emphasizes pure color and basic form.  

He aspires, ultimately, for viewers of his art to understand and
interpret his language of color intuitively.
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